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Specialty Systems

Specialty Systems - 1

Does a Predryer suit your operation? Call the experts at American. Depending on climate, wood species, typical moisture content, inventory levels, site conditions an production schedules, payback may be shorter than you think.

  • Downdraft and cross circulation styles available
  • Improve quality
  • Lower energy costs
  • Increase production

Specialty Systems - 3

Fan Sheds are similar to Predryers except there is no heat source. A Shed accelerates the air drying process while protecting the wood from sun, rain and other degrading elements. Used in combination with a kiln, a Fan Shed can reduce total drying costs.

Palet Flyer PDFPallet Heat Treater
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Specialty Systems - 3

Palet Flyer PDFPallet Heat Treater
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If you need is a heat treatment system contact the experts at American. We will build a system specific to your operation.

  • Temperature and sequential batch ID recording software for certification records
  • Improve quality
  • Internal wood probe sensors measure temperature at the core of the largest dimension samples

Specialty Systems - 4


  • Protect finished product from the weather
  • Improve handling safety

Set color in walnut and certain other wood species prior to the drying process. Talk to the experts at American to get the best quality out of your process.

  • Built with American’s proprietary insulated panel system. Inner skins are typically type 304 stainless steel for years of low maintenance service.
  • Stainless steel boiling troughs and sparge lines.
  • Typical control systems include dry bulb RTD temperature sensors.


  • Simply too many to list. Call American and let’s talk.