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When you see an AMERICAN WOOD DRYERS’ package loaded kiln for the first time, one of the first things you notice is that it looks different. Top of Page

One of the most important features of AMERICAN kilns is a double, ventilated, standing seam roof system. Because it is the most vulnerable, expensive, and difficult part of the kiln to repair or replace, the standing seam inner ceiling is usually furnished in stainless steel, to resist both the acids released from certain species of woods during drying and highly alkaline boiler water chemicals which sometimes find their way into a kiln along with the steam spray.

The roof system can be insulated with fiberglass, mineral wool, or polyisocyanurate foam. The air space above the insulation is ventilated to allow evaporation of any water formed by condensation during drying and conditioning. Top of Page

Having provided the ultimate kiln roof system, the last thing we want to do is cut holes in it! It makes more sense, anyway, to have the humidity vents directly in line with the fans in the front and rear walls of the kiln because: (a) you can see them, (b) you can adjust them, and (c) you never have to get on the roof which can be both dangerous and damaging.

Click image for larger viewThe vents are fully modulating, operated through a linkage from a motor driven electric actuator. The hinged vent blade opens into the kiln eliminating interference problems. The pressure of the air stream improves efficiency when venting, and maintains tight closure when high humidity is needed.

Unique panel design ensures minimal heat transfer from inside to outside and minimizes condensation. Top of Page

Instead of a series of angle iron door carriers hanging from a flimsy 12# rail to pick up sectional doors, we furnish a single, massive, welded steel framework, supported by three (or more) crane trolleys on a 16" I-beam, capable of lifting the whole door at once. We also provide an electrically operated hydraulic pump and cylinder (2 cylinders for stainless steel doors) to make moving the door a one-man job. Top of Page

Click image for larger viewALCLAD - this designation is given to aluminum when it has a metallurgically bonded coating of 99% pure aluminum on both sides, which is both highly resistant to corrosion and anodic to the core alloy it covers. The cladding physically and electrolytically protects the core aluminum from corrosion in the same way galvanizing protects steel.

Both sides of all door panels, wall panels, and the outer standing seam roof are furnished in ALCLAD aluminum - this is standard. Top of Page

Click image for larger viewSTAINLESS STEEL DOOR & WALL PANELS
When ultimate corrosion resistance is needed or desired, we will furnish door and wall panels in 20 gauge stainless steel, both sides. The cost is less than one might think - about $15,000 per kiln, on average, except for very large kilns. Top of Page

Either SMITHCO (4-blade, adjustable pitch) or AEROVENT (6-blade fixed pitch) fans are offered in 42", 48" or 72" diameter with AWD proprietary kiln duty motors 5hp to 20hp. Teflon® insulated motor cable is furnished inside the kiln, to sealed penetration fittings. Top of Page

A prewired motor starter panel is furnished for each kiln, complete with a magnetic reversing starter, individual motor indicating lights, individual motor overload and short circuit protection, and a disconnect switch.

A separate low voltage control panel is furnished for up to three kilns. Each kiln is provided with an On-Off-Vent switch; Vent-Forward-Reverse indicating lights; EPROM-driven PLC for all timing and switching functions; AutoDynamic reversing switch*; manual fan speed controller*; digital percent speed and load readouts*.
*Applicable only when fan speed controllers are purchased. When American’s Drystar® Computer System is purchased the PLC is eliminated. Functions are included in the Drystar system. Top of Page

Uniform heating is essential to good kiln drying! To achieve this, we provide only short coils (none over 9’ long), with bimetallic fin pipe (aluminum/steel or aluminum/stainless), an individual steam trap for each coil unit, and modulating electrically operated steam control valves with position feedback potentiometers.

Thermal Oil or High Pressure Hot Water heating systems are also available. Top of Page

A variety of electronic control systems are available, from a basic set point controller with multichannel electronic recorder to the most sophisticated computer system with graphical operator interface (mouse driven), DELMHORST moisture measuring systems, and remote modem communications.

Separate bulletins are available for each of the control systems. Top of Page

AMERICAN offers a unique control room option: full height, full depth, up to 13’ wide, two stories high inside. The full height control room is built the same way as the kilns and can be located either between kilns or at one end of a row of kilns. Top of Page

Standard Widths: 14’ to 48’(outside dimension) in 2’ increments
Door Width: Building outside width minus 2’
Inside clearance: Nominal width less 2’-3" = clearance inside concrete curbwalls
Standard Depths: 24’ to 36’ (inside dimension) in 2’ increments, 40’ w/swing booster coils
Door Height: 18’-10" door opening or less = 1’ high curb wall. Maximum: 23’-10"
Snow Load: 30 lbs./sq. ft. standard; up to 85 lbs./sq. ft. available
Fan Spacing: 42" fans: 48" per fan, 48" fans: 54" per fan, 72" fans: 80" per fan
Vent Size: 18" wide by 12" high, or 22" wide by 14" high, normally two vents per fan
Panel Insulation: Celotex Thermax® polyisocyanurate foam, 2 3/8", system R=20
Panel Type: Roll-formed edge with thermal barrier nylon clip (U/C)
Roof Insulation: 6" fiberglass (standard), Options: mineral wood, Celotex Thermax®
Aluminum: 0.040" minimum thickness, ALCLAD both sides (panels and outer roof)
Heat Valve and
Vent Actuator Type:
Barber-Coleman, modulating, electric, with position feedback
Valve Type: Fisher (or equal) model GS (up to 2", screwed) or ED (2 1/2" and larger flanged)
Motor Controls: ABB, IEC type, adjustable current, rail mounted
PLC: Square-D, SymaxTM (omitted when Drystar® is furnished)
Foundation Embedments: Stainless Steel wedge anchors, aluminum threshold angle

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