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Continuous Kilns

American Continuous Dry Kilns (CDK) offer high production while reducing energy consumption and improving grade recovery. The CDK design features two tracks running parallel with each other. The lumber travels in opposite directions on each of the two tracks in a “counterflow” arrangement.

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Counterflow Kilns
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Counterflow Kilns
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Lumber entering the kiln is preheated by heat from the exiting lumber until it gets to the center section where the actual high temperature drying takes place.

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As the lumber passes through the outgoing extension, moisture from the incoming wet lumber transfers to the exiting dry lumber in a similar manner to the way steam spray is used in batch kilns to equalize the moisture content and relieve the drying stresses in the dry lumber.

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Hydraulic cylinder operated “pushers” provide the motive power to transport the approximately 1 million pounds per track of lumber through the kilns.